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Dear All Valued Customers,

As you maybe aware, all the Bank Accounts of Remittance Service Providers like us despite the size of the company has been closed by Australian Banks. This is due to their de-risk approach stating its difficulty of complying with Anti Money Laundry & Counter Terrorism Law.
This despite how well we maintain our compliance with the Anti Money laundry & Counter Terrorism Law and absorbing all the cost related in maintaining it.
This issue has affected the industry as a whole, and Bamboo Exchange Money Transfer is No Exception.

Our last Bank Account with Bank of Queensland will unfortunately be Closed on 15th of July 2015.
This leaves us no other choices, but to suspend our money transfer services from 15th of July 2015 until further notice.
Last day of transfer is 14th of July 2015. 

We will however continue to seek solution from Australian Government and ARCPA to hopefully one day return to provide you the low-cost and fast money transfer we once proud of.

Thank You for trusting us and being our loyal customers since 2009.


Bamboo Exchange is an AUSTRAC Registered Money Transfer, which gives you the security and safety money transfer from Australia to Indonesia.

We have been serving Indonesian Community in Sydney since 2009 and we commit to our promise in delivering the same day service to most of our customers*. We use both combined net-banking system and over-the-counter banking, which enable us to transfer your money on the same day and send you confirmation by email or sms.

We do not accept cash in our office or cash deposit via bank counter for the customer security purpose, cash handling policy, and to meet our banking regulation and our anti money laundry policy. Your fund must be transferred to us via internet banking and from your own bank account as per registered to us.

We thrive to provide our new and existing customer the most competitive rates. *Same day guarantee service applies to BCA and Mandiri Account holder only. *Other Banks could takes 1-2 working days, however it could be cleared on the same day depending on the clearance from the Bank Receiver.

Send Money in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Check our most competitive rates on our website or simply sms "rate" to 0430 882 189 (10am-4pm, Monday-Friday).

2. Internet Transfer the money from your own bank account plus any eligible fee to our Bank Accounts at BoQ, and remember to put your Full Name or Mobile Number on the description as your reference.

3. We will send the money to your Indonesian Bank Account on the same day, after we receive your money, receipt and payment instruction including the purpose of each money transfer.

*Registration is required for all New Customer to comply with the AML/CTF Act 2006 by AUSTRAC.

*Our Bank Account Details will be sent to you after your registration completed.

Please go to Registration for more information on how to start benefit from our most competitive rates and current promotions.


Bank Account Closure
Due to Closure of our last Bank Account, we will suspend our money transfer service from 15th of July 2015.
Last day of transfer is 14th of July 2015
Thank you for Trusting us and being our loyal customer since 2009.

Most Competitive Rates
Low Service Fee of $5 per transaction
Quick and Safe Transfer
Same Day Money Transfer for Most of Our Customer